The world over

If you know the farm life, you know the deal. Hot sun, bent double, all day in the fields. Relief at sunset from a day covered in beads of sweat.

Twelve-year-old Bo and her brother Boss, 14, are from a rice farming family. There farm is on a dirt road, far from the village and hidden in the bush. They don’t have mechanicalized equipment, so that means harvesting and planting by hand, an entire family initiative. They raise pigs as a side project, as well as tapping rubber trees. And at school, they’re learning about catfish farming, mushroom growing, chicken rearing and gardening.

As I watched Bo and Boss at their home yesterday, I was reminded of my own youth on the farm. You could see it took an entire family’s effort to make the farm work. And Bo and Boss, kind of like a younger me and my siblings, were so comfortable in the fields, working with livestock but wary of strangers.

Got me thinking, farm kids have share a surprising shared heritage, no matter where they live.


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